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I went to a new restaurant, Chipolte, and saw their promotional eco-literature talked about free-range cows and how much better that was. But if all of the cows in small pens were released in pastures, they would have to cut down all of the forests, and all of the species of migratory birds would go extinct. I ate a vegeterian burrito.

Tonight on CNN they are talking about the animal rights violations of some chickens who were buried alive. People often call themselves 'animal lovers' meaning the love their pets, who are killing wild animals indirectly by taking their resources. Rich people feed their cats wild Alaskan salmon and free range meat. And cats kill millions of insects, birds, rodents, and other animals directly.


Maybe one days soon they will be able to grow meat in a test tube. That would be great. Or maybe those that are so against GMO's, genetically modified organism, will also find fault with cloned meat. GMO's seem good to me in theory; I believe science is the only way out of the mess we have created on our planet. But I may be wrong about GMO's or probably just some have real problems.