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Recently I decided to write everyone I know to encourage them to vote for Obama/Biden. This was shortly after Palin was added to the McCain ticket. I was so upset with this evangelical's answer I decided to risk losing him as a friend/contact to jolt him into the real world. His replies are in italics. I will preface this by saying that some evangelicals interpretation of the Book of Revelations is terrifying to me. They believe that the 'second coming' or 'apocolypse' is something they are expecting and looking forward to. I call it World War III, and they call it rapture. So this fear caused me to perhaps go overboard in my emails...

Hi (name deleted),
How are you? I hope good.
I am so scared about the McCain/Palin ticket that I am writing everyone I know. After the republicans invaded a country that was no threat to us, killing thousands, and destroying our economy and standing in the world, and raising the world tension level to new highs, McCain is ahead in the polls. I think religion and social issues are important to you, and I don't know anything about your political thoughts, but I just can't understand how so many 'Christians' support the republicans. One thing I do know is I have good friends who are Christians and don't think that, for example, high-altitude bombing is a Christian value. One other thiing, I've been travelling in South America for six months now (experiencing the weak dollar and anti-Americanism firsthand) and know that I have yet to meet an American outside of the USA who supports the republicans,
I hope you are well,

Hey Tom,

All is good here. I understand how you can feel about this, and i'm glad you feel so strongly about doing what is right. But, with that in mind, I believe the way americans are living isn't right. When i turn on the TV, all i see is murder, sex and sin. I can't even watch the olympics without this smut invading my family's living room. Girls are selling their virginity on the web, people are lying to make money they don't deserve (the housing market), the music we listen to on the radio is profane and disgusting, we've taken God out of schools and out of government and want nothing to do with Him. Personally, I think we let Him down. He is so patient and loving.... waiting for people to repent. I believe, if we call out to Him for help, for forgiveness, He will make things right. I don't really like any of the candidates. It's unfortunate. But, I have to go with someone whose beliefs are similar to mine. There is right, and there is wrong. And how can we know what is what? The only way is to know the heart of God is by reading the Bible. It tells us exactly who God is and what his desires are for us. He says, "To prosper you and not to harm you" He is talking about you and me. What kind of love is this, that God sent His son, only son, to die on the cross for me.... and you... and everyone. If you want this world to change,,,, to be better, i suggest getting on your knees and crying out to the one, the only one, who can save us. Everyone has an appointed time. Today, tomorrow, or a few years away. I think we need to make our relationship right with God first, and He will direct our hearts and minds for good.

All my best and friendship with much respect,

Well, we have a little common ground here. Regarding politics, I would look at what the parties are doing and what is consistent with Christian or obviously good values, and not what they are saying

Who does more for the poor, and who gives tax breaks to the rich?
Which party is 'hawkish', and more likely to support war?
Who is concerned about this environment (my cause). Does God want 100's of His beautiful species to become extinct every year? Look at this:
Why party has the most scandals and corruption (republicans of course)

I believe life is a miracle, and we should do all we can to enhance the life experience of all living things. There is a book called the Bible and a book called the Koran and various other books. The Bible, I understand, was heavily modified by the pagan emporer Constantine. People throughout history have tried to use these books to justify pretty much everything. Hitler did: Osama bin Laden does. The Jewish Zionist do, with opression and persecution of the Palestinian people. And I don't see George Bush's unilateralism and attempted nation building much differently. Religion is the biggest cop-out ever to avoid dealing with the real problems in the real world, and for avoiding taking responsibility. Religious fanatics, like you, from my perspective, are the root cause of most of the suffering in this world. Why don't you step back from this intolerance-preaching book, recognize all people are created by God are equal with equal rights, and try and look at what is really causing suffering in this world.

With respect as well, as I know you are a good person, just a little misguided, Life is very scary and it is easy to get sucked into all of that nonsense.


Hi Tom,

We do see some things the same.

I'm just a messenger, letting you know what God thinks about life and the way things should be, according to the Bible, which is infallible. How can love, peace, patience, perseverance, grace, mercy, kindness, gentleness... be the root cause of suffering? Someone can't really comment on something they haven't read or studied themselves.

Yes, the bible is intolerant, to ALL sinners! (Which is all mankind!) It is easy to be offended when the light and holiness of Christ is shined in our faces. Then we see how dirty we really are. I am far from perfect, and thank God for his grace and mercy. But, is anyone perfect? How many times can someone offend you before you stop forgiving them? 7 times? or 7x77 times? Jesus said we should forgive others their trespasses... does that sound like revenge, anger and spite?

Your comments aren't very tolerant of me and my beliefs. You can't put Hitler, Osama, and Christians in the same category. They don't believe the same things or worship the same God. The bible acts as a mirror, which reflects the sinners we really are. It says, "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." That's me, you and Hitler. But God gave his son as a sacrifice for me, you and Hitler. That's love, unconditional. If you deny Jesus, you are denying the love that God has sent to us, to reconcile us to Himself. You won't find that in the Koran.

Last thing I'll say, is regarding the Pharaoh during Moses' time. God reached out to him, as I'm reaching out to you. And Pharaoh hardened his heart towards God. He didn't believe. But God gave him chance after chance. Don't wait until God stops giving chances. He loves you Tom. I care about you too, or I wouldn't take the time to write this. Change starts with our heart.

Your Friend,

You and your people put Bush in office, and the Iraq war killed tens if not hundreds of thousands. I hold you responsible for that, and I think my comparisons are fair. When you see these dead people in heaven, you can explain your vote to them.

But it gets worse.

Palin has a one in three chance of becoming president. She has no international experience. She is an evangelical Christian and believes in the Book of Revelations, the "end of days", or the apocolypse. She will have the nuclear codes to our nuclear arsenal. She has already used the word nuclear at least twice, and has shown the has at least the same cowboy mentality of George Bush. Do you trust her to interpret the bible correctly? Hitler didn't. Bush didn't. Is this fair to your children?

And regarding intolerance, in your email you are debasing the Koran. The Arabs are God's creation just as you are. Evangelical's generally haven't left their state, and don't understand the world is full of regular people just like them. The Koran refers to Jesus as a prophet, yet your religion practices intolerance of these people. Your people send money to Israel to persecute these people. Well, I could go on and on, but you get the idea. People like you have become are, to me, scary and very dangerous, and yes, I am intolerant.


I'm sorry to hear that. If my emails have angered you I apologize.

I was upset when you said you would vote for someone who thinks like you. I wish you would vote for someone who writes like you. You write you are against violence on TV, but you support the party of the National Rifle Association. You support wars that kill countless innocent women and children. You talk about tolerance, but you then talk about putting God in the schools, interfering with my freedom of religion. And you diminish the beliefs of those who do not believe in your bible (and you shed their blood with little afterthought). You talk about the housing crisis being about lying, but I think it is about greed. And speaking of greed, I view evangelicals and Christians in general as being the most greedy people of all. I am happy to live my life here on earth and contribute as much as I can to the greater good as I can. You people want eternal life. Ok, I am done, sorry, I am upset by the state of the world. I am semi-retired and spend all my free time on environmental projects, trying to make my time here as meaningful as possible, and you self-absorbed people continually frustrate me.
But there is hope! Go to google and search for Evangelicals for the environment, or Evangelicals for Obama, and you willl find them. You can be a good person here on earth, and still practice your religion,
I wish you the best,