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I am planning my third trip from Lima to Buenos Aires on 10/15. What I am looking for is places like lodges or parks near cities where I can safely use a large camera lens, and also where I am close to a Internet signal. I am especially interested in endemics and birds not commonly photographed. I also can't pay any $100/person/night ecologe rates. I will briefly outline my first two trips highlighting some of the key logistical issues. I have more detailed information on my site and would be glad to answer any questions about my past trips and the stops. I would like to plan a different route maybe via Bolivia or entering Bolivia, and am seeking advice for that.

My first trip went to Paracas (great sea birds), Cuzco, Puerto Maldonado, and then through Brazil visiting (spelling?) Rio Branco, Campo Velho, Cacaol, Cuiaba (Pantanal!), Campo Grande, Iguazu, and then Buenos Aires. The bus trips to Cuzco and to Maldonado were very long. I didn't know where to find birds in Velho, and in Rio Branco except for the Chico Mendez park, there were no trees. But I managed to find some good spots in the other stops. I won't have enough time for this trip this time.

The other trip went via Arequipa, the Peruvian coast and then Chile/Atacama, Jujuy, Buenos Aires. This trip was a much less exciting as far as birds go. In Atacama I couldn't find any way to get to the birding spots without a car, and the tours didn't give me enough time. Jujuy (and Purmamarca) had some interesting birds, and I would consider revisiting these locations.

I think because I have 3-4 weeks starting 10/15, I need to go to Jujuy and the quick straight path to Buenos Aires, but I wonder how to best use my time until then (about three weeks). I will be travelling with my wife, so need also to make things somewhat interesting for her. Titicaca sounds like a great stop, but from there am I safe going all they way through Bolivia, with the turmoil there, bad roads, and are there good stops given my criteria? And is Titicaca even a good stop for birds except that Grebe that I probably won't find. What about Manu? Is there an option for Manu that is not a super expensive tour? Maybe I just spend some time in Peru and then cross again via Atacama, which is fast and easy and a amazing bus ride over the Andes. Are there any stops on the east slope in Peru? I'd love to visit north Peru, but don't think that makes sense on tihs trip (wrong direction)

thank you very much!!
tom friedel