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I wrote my Senator Marco Rubio many months ago about some position he had taken, and I don't even recall what it was. Senator Rubio to me is the most heartless of all of the 2016 presidential candidates. All of his policies are way too far skewed to the ultra-rich and big oil/gas/coal. The Cuban embargo is cruel, as is denying health care to millions of Americans. Denying global warming is also just absurd and very dangerous for all of humanity. He wrote me the following.

I understand protecting animals and wildlife is a component of preserving our planet's natural resources and preserving a healthy environment for future generations across the globe. However, it is also important we strike an appropriate balance between protecting our environment and not placing a burdensome debt on our children and grandchildren. I will continue to monitor requests for assistance to provide for international wildlife and will remain mindful of your concerns as the Senate addresses these issues.

Of course the burdensome debt on our children could be alleviated by cutting the trillion dollar defense budget, or making sure the ultra-rich pay their fair share (Google Warren Buffet's articles about this)