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I arrived in Panama and my flash cable was not working. With some effort I tracked one down in a mall, and it worked for a few days until I banged it and the plastic part holding the flash broke. I bought a second one, and just lifting the tripod over my shoulder caused the cable to come apart where four small screws held plastic to plastic. I managed to get this cable replaced after having to find it in another mall across town, and losing half a day. This cable also broke immediately. When I got back to the states I contacted Bower who, after I had to follow up, said they would send me newer product. This was a few months ago.

Unbelievable response (bad)

Bower (Victor Oren) wrote:

Good morning Tom. After reviewing our correspondence about your TTL flash cords, it seems as though these issues you've experienced were due to mishandling issues, as opposed to strictly defective ones. Our warranty does not cover issues such as drops, falls, breaks, etc. I assure you that the discontinued SFCCAN models are being redeveloped with more durable construction, but unfortunately I cannot provide you with replacements at this time. Thank you for your patronage.

I wrote:

Somehow I overlooked your email. This is both absurd and insulting. My new mission in life is to participate in the product discussions and talk about by horrible experience with Bower's product and service.