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There are many environmental causes I (Tom Friedel, editor) feel strongly about. I hope to find time to fill this page with information and things you can do. Although I love birds, I feel strongest about the decimation of the life in the oceans. Shark finning for shark-fin soup and long line fishing top the list of most evil practices. Long line fishing is also killing an extimated 40,000 albatross every year. I donate to Sea Shepherd, an organization which patrols the oceans confronting illegal fishing boats.

An estimated 50% of North American birds breed in the boreal forests of Canada.
Read about how Kimberly-Clark's destruction of the ancient forests earned it a nomination for the 2007 Corporate Hall of Shame. The Boreal Songbird Initiative writes

Large amounts of the paper Americans receive every day as junk mail, advertising inserts and catalogues comes from Canada's Boreal Forest and boreal trees provide more than a third of all newsprint used in the United States

Follow these steps to receive less junk mail, and please recycle everything you can.

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